Oldsport Sim Days

Situated across our home counties, our simulated game days take place across the rolling hills and fields of the English countryside.

We replicate all the aspects of traditional game shooting.  The day starts with our morning briefings and introductions followed by a light breakfast. We head off on our beautifully thought through and crafted drives with elevenses following soon after. The afternoon incorporates our last two drives with the day concluding with 4,500 clays being thrown.

Our targets simulate Pheasant, Partridge, Grouse and Pigeon. Of course we can tailor targets to suit every individuals needs. Whether you’re an experienced shot or a newcomer, we have something for everyone and will have hosts and instructors to lend a helping hand.
Each day offers a different experience and we’re all out to enjoy ourselves and have fun. We accommodate a maximum of 18 shooters on the day, split across 9 pegs.

We would happily to welcome you to join the Oldsport Outfitters Syndicate

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