We're hunters and explorers connected through a passion for ethical hunting and adventure that comes with the outdoors
In today's society, the conservation of wildlife is becoming an increasingly important and popular belief, something we as hunters have been fond of and passionate about for generations.

Oldsport Outfitters started as a conversation around a campfire and has developed into a platform with a common goal—creating new adventures for hunters and those inspired by adventure and conservation.

Hunting is often misrepresented in the media and while we understand there will always be an opposition against us and what we do, we're here to share stories around the fire, inspire generations to come and share with others, what others have shared with us.


I've spent the last seven years in the gun trade honing my craft and knowledge within the industry. My passion for hunting and the outdoors has taken me from high altitude hunts in Azerbaijan to the African bush. Based in the UK, I have spent my years on game days and frequently spend my time in Poland on driven hunts.