United Kingdom
The hunt is in relatively flat terrain unless we venture on into the Scottish Highlands for Red Deer or Roe. Weather in the UK is unpredictable and during the spring time you often get windy and sporadic showers which make for a challenging yet fun experience.
Best time of year
August—October but there is something to shoot all year round.
Gear | camo | equipment
Dark earthy tones for clothing are a must. We can organise clothing and gear should you require any. Whether it's camo or block colours, that is up to you. Waterproof boots are essential. If you'd like more information on rifles, calibres, ammunition then get in touch!
The UK offers a a variety of deer species to hunt. Red Deer, Roe Deer, Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer and Sika are the six deer species available to hunt.

We have areas scattered across the UK where these species are found. Depending on the time of year, will be dependent on what is available.

There is something for everyone to experience. Whether you're a first time stalker, you're looking for cull animals or you're after a trophy or medal buck, this is something we can discuss.