From driven hunts and roe stalking in Poland to Mouflon and Chamois hunting in Croatia, there is plenty of hunting to be explored in Europe.
Gear / camo / equipment
Lightweight mountain gear is required and long range shooting is the main preference. Anything from a .270 to 300 win will be perfect for most European hunts except driven hunting where bigger calibres are preferred.
Driven hunting trips are a fan favourite. A whole group of like-minded individuals in Poland having the time of their life. Driven hunts, socialising and living the local traditions is a hunt one does not want to miss out on.

We also have Roe stalking in West Pomerania where which usually takes place during the rut in July.

Croatia offers unbelievable mouflon and chamois hunting and is a perfect opportunity for any hunter to practice their long-range shooting. Over looking the Adriatic sea, this is a beautiful hunt.
Available Hunting Trips
We have both driven hunting and Roe Deer stalking in Poland.

Driven hunting
Roe Deer Stalking